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The Order Of The Veil [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Order Of The Veil

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Oz in 30 seconds.. [Jul. 20th, 2007|10:24 pm]
The Order Of The Veil

[mood |bouncybouncy]

On Saturday 21st July; an add made by an amateur film maker will be selected to run at certain intervals on a major television station across Australia leading up to the federal elections, this coming Spring.

The adds featured on the website bring up environmental, political, aboriginal and feminist and local issues within Australia

Until midnight tonight you can watch and vote for as many 30 second adds as you wish. You can find the website at http://www.ozin30seconds.org

Come on, have a say!

This is XPosted everywhere. If this is unappropriated for this community please let me know.
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Solstice celebration today. [Jun. 23rd, 2007|12:03 pm]
The Order Of The Veil

Not much notice sorry, but I thought a few of you might be interested.

cnr Northey and Victoria St, Windsor.
Performers, workshops, delicious organic food, and a huge bonfire.
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